How to inculcate the feel of Egypt in your décor

Home decor ideas, home decorIt is rarely acknowledged that Egyptian art has a great influence on the contemporary modern art. Incorporating a flavor of Egypt in your home décor can surely make your décor stand out from the rest as it is not one of the commonly used themes.

There are various ways to add a tinge of Egypt in your home décor. You can have replicas of Egyptian artifacts placed on your shelves or you can paint your room with pictures of pyramids or other Egyptian symbols. The colors used in the Egyptian symbols or hieroglyphics are said to have a calming effect on us and can add up as a wellness charm for your home as well as adding a pleasing décor to it. It is also believed that replicas of Pyramids placed throughout your home makes positive energy flow through it and makes you heal. Keep pyramid shaped objects hanging from the roof above your head while sleeping because that is said to bring a calm and sound sleep.