Egress windows for your home

Egress windows, emergency windowsEgress windows are designed to provide residents an outlet that can be used to exit the house if there is an emergency. These windows are located in the basements of the house in most cases. They may also be made in the bedrooms. They are designed so that firemen can easily access the house if there is any need.

There some rules regarding egress windows that have to be abided by. There has to be 24 inches of minimum opening for the egress windows. The opening width of the windows should be at least 20 inches. The clear opening for the ground floors has to be five square feet and for other floors it has to be 5.7 square feet. The height above the floor should be maximum forty four inches. Chances are that the windows of your house that have been built before the regulations of IRC were passes will not match up to the requirements.