Luxurious look with antler lightings

Home lighting, home decor ideasAre you planning to go for a renovation of your house or in particular in your room? Lighting of your house or the room is a very important factor and a lot depends on the lighting of your room. Whenever going for a remodeling of your house, keep in mind the lighting scheme properly because if the lighting doesn’t match with the decoration, then your house will not look that much beautiful. Antler lighting is a very good choice that you can go for especially if you chosen a rust theme for your room.

If the interior of your room has a soft toned décor, then this type of lighting is very effective and will also impart elegance to the beauty. Lighting inside the chandeliers, ceiling fans, sconces etc are the examples of antler lighting. There are various types of antler lighting available in the market. Adding these lights will add a unique look to your room.

Why is lightening protection essential for your home?

Lightening protection, home care tipsLightening and thunders during storms are actually high voltage electric waves that form as a result of friction between clouds between different pressure zones. Since the earth attracts the electric charges to neutralize the effects, tall buildings and trees are prone to act as the medium of transfer of charge. When earthing lightening protection system was not so popularized, many trees were seen to burn under heavy storm and rain. Lightening struck houses will practically be a separated charged mass where if anyone tries to come out and step on neutral land will be burnt to death. This is why it is necessary to protect homes from thunders. Lightening also destroys electrical appliances connected to plugs and switches. Lightening arresters are put on the roof of buildings for this reason. The arresters are connected to thick copper wires that go deep down into the earth. This is necessary for every home.

What to consider while choosing a ceiling fan

Tips for buying ceiling fan, ceiling fanThere are a few things that are to be considered when you are choosing ceiling fan. The first thing that you have to make sure is tat the quality of the motor of the ceiling fan is good enough. The quality of the motor of the fan is the most important thing that is worth your money. Design and the appearance of the fan are important but the motor comes first as it will determine the performance of the ceiling fan.

If you are choosing fan for the outdoors, you should choose a fan that is built specifically for the outdoors. The materials used for outdoor ceiling fans would be different form the ones used for indoor ones as outdoor ceiling fans have to be more sturdy and strong in order to withstand the changing conditions of the whether. The airflow of the ceiling fan is a key factor when you are measuring the efficiency of the fans.

Study lighting essentials

Lights for study, home lightingStudy is the place where you to spend some classy time relaxing with your books, or may be complete your serious project work or assignment. A good study should have an abundance of light, helping the intellects to see each word crystal clear. You should not be needed to dilate your pupils to go through the lines of your favorite author. For long hours of night study before exams, adequate lighting is required by the students. The study room should be illuminated properly as the light’s intensity affects the eyes which in turn lead to health issues. Reading lights should be of good quality, so that the opened page to the reader is properly illuminated. The general lighting of the room should be reduced, so that the whole concentration is diverted towards the study area. The task lights are efficient, creating no shadows and illuminating the required region. You can use fluorescent bulbs, saving electricity and lasting longer. LED lightings are nowadays replacing the older generation halogen bulbs providing more luminance to the study.