Decorate your room in the most effective way

Home decor ideas, home decorEvery home owner dream of decorating his room is the most attractive and unique way. There are many ways in which you can decorate your room uniquely. The decoration of your room should be in compliance with the shape and size of it. You can take the help of some interior designer for the purpose. Or else you can do it on your own also, but you need to do extensive research prior to it.

Don’t go for too much or clumsy decoration for the room. Many people have the wrong notion that the more you use decoration items, the more your house will look attractive. First of all fix a theme for the decoration of your room. It can be authentic Indian or oriental style or it can be French style.

Do a proper research on the theme your have selected since each theme has its own unique characteristic and you must follow it to make your decoration attractive.
You can get the required props and items for the decoration is any leading home décor shop or you can even search over the internet for the items.

Wall clocks to enhance the feature of a room

Wall clocks, home decorAre you looking for the proper accessories that can accentuate the appeal of your home? Well, wall clocks can be a good option here. The wall mounted time pieces are functional and as the modern options are crafted keeping the style quotient in mind, these act as wonderful decor pieces as well.

Today the wall clocks are made from a huge range of materials, sizes & shapes to pick up as per your taste and preferences. You will get the wall clocks made from wood, acrylic and precious metals like silver. The acrylic ones would be suitable for trendy homes while the metallic and wooden ones would perfectly blend with rustic or old world décor.

It’s good to mention that today you will even get wall clocks designed on varied themes. For example, there are a great range of wall clocks themed on Disney or cartoon characters for the kid rooms.

Tips to decorate a townhome

Home decor ideas, home decorWhile decorating you townhome, you should consider some important details. Since these are small and just like the complex homes, you can still decorate you townhome and make it very creative and comfortable. You should choose small furniture according to the space in your room. They should be small and stylish, attractive. Art work, paintings should not be too much and it should not be placed above eye level. While using paint color you should test different colors and choose a color which feel you better and comfort. You should not use contrasting colors and also you don’t need to use neutral colors. Just choose those colors which compliment your furniture.

You should avoid extra items which are not so important and small things should be stored in some place. Whatever you are having in your townhome should have any purpose. You should also take care of light in your house. Windows should be covered such a way that proper natural light could come in.

Ideas for decorative ceiling

ceiling decor, home decorIf you have always wanted a decorative ceiling, then its time to go for a change and turn that boring simple ceiling into a decorative one. If you are designing your house, then opting for a decorative ceiling is the right choice straightaway.

Here are a few decorative ceiling ideas that one can go for:

• Instead of going for ceilings that end in straight corners, one can go for rounded ends. This gives the round a roundish and large feel even if your room is square or rectangle shaped.
• There are many other corner designs to choose from, depending on whether you prefer traditional or modern ones.
• If you have a thing for art then it is bet to have a painted ceiling so that whenever you lie down, you can see colors right above you. One can also continue the wall color and make the room look compact and cozy, depending on what you prefer.

Spring color palette for your home

Home colors, home decorYour home is a special place and it is important that it is done up in the best possible way. One of the most important factors to consider in this regard is the color scheme of the house. Going for a spring inspired color scheme can be a very good idea as it would give you a very soothing and pleasant atmosphere.

Therefore, you have to consider the essence of spring in your décor which mostly bright and fresh. Therefore, you have to go with flowery colors like lilac, magenta, lemon yellow and azure. You may go with wall murals at place as well. The colors should be intelligently incorporated and they should be blended in a subtle manner. You can add a splash of green and red on a wall oo yellow to get a symbolic representation of a spring afternoon with new blossoms and fresh green grass. Let your creative mind wander, bring alive those touches of spring in your home.

DIY tips for installing ceramic tiles

Tips to install ceramic tiles, tile installationIf you have chosen ceramic tiles as your flooring option then it is one of the wisest decisions that you have taken because ceramic tiles are the only that does not need to be installed by a worker. If you see the manual carefully you will be able to do it yourself.

Firstly you will have to get the measurements of the room accurately. After that if you have a cardboard then you must place it in the area that you will start first. When you are done with this you should get a good quantity of adhesive and you will have to spread that adhesive evenly on the area where the tiles will be placed first. After you have finished this part you must wait for a minutes before placing the ceramic tiles over the adhesive in a proper way so that the patterns match. You can put a heavy weight over the area to fix the tiles properly.

Decorate your ceiling with glow in the dark stickers

ceiling decor, home decorGlow in the dark objects have always been a fascination for the younger generation. Today you can decorate your kids’ rooms with glow in the dark stickers and give them a wonderful surprise. These stickers can be bought in many shapes, sizes and types. If your kids loves the night sky you can get him or her glow in the dark stickers in shapes of spaceships, stars, half and crescent moons, planets, and even aliens and rockets. It’s really fascinating if you put these up on the ceiling.

Same can be done on the walls to create an underwater theme. There are several companies which sell glow in the dark stickers in shapes of underwater weeds, fish, divers and other underwater creatures. These, if pasted on the wall can give a blissful and amazing feeling. You can also get unique Cinderella, Mickey Mouse and even dinosaur shaped glow in the dark 3D stickers for a personalized.

Game room décor

Game room décor, game roomIf you have a spare room and you’re planning to turn you into a game room then deciding upon its look and décor can be very exciting. A game room should be the place where one can forget all the troubles and have a remarkable time. Be it recreation or relaxation, a game room should be powerful and attractive enough to take you way from your busy and hectic life.

Color the walls brightly in shades of sunshine yellow and blaring orange. You should have a side table large enough to keep a stack of finger foods and packaged food as well. Instead of this, you can have inbuilt wall cabinets where you can store away such items. Have a small coffee table instead. Having bean bags in the game room is a great idea. Make enough room for your computer and your television as well. The lighting should also be well balanced so that it’s neither too less nor too much as well. You can have soft beam lights near the area where you sit and brighter lights near your TV and computer.

Egress windows for your home

Egress windows, emergency windowsEgress windows are designed to provide residents an outlet that can be used to exit the house if there is an emergency. These windows are located in the basements of the house in most cases. They may also be made in the bedrooms. They are designed so that firemen can easily access the house if there is any need.

There some rules regarding egress windows that have to be abided by. There has to be 24 inches of minimum opening for the egress windows. The opening width of the windows should be at least 20 inches. The clear opening for the ground floors has to be five square feet and for other floors it has to be 5.7 square feet. The height above the floor should be maximum forty four inches. Chances are that the windows of your house that have been built before the regulations of IRC were passes will not match up to the requirements.

How to inculcate the feel of Egypt in your décor

Home decor ideas, home decorIt is rarely acknowledged that Egyptian art has a great influence on the contemporary modern art. Incorporating a flavor of Egypt in your home décor can surely make your décor stand out from the rest as it is not one of the commonly used themes.

There are various ways to add a tinge of Egypt in your home décor. You can have replicas of Egyptian artifacts placed on your shelves or you can paint your room with pictures of pyramids or other Egyptian symbols. The colors used in the Egyptian symbols or hieroglyphics are said to have a calming effect on us and can add up as a wellness charm for your home as well as adding a pleasing décor to it. It is also believed that replicas of Pyramids placed throughout your home makes positive energy flow through it and makes you heal. Keep pyramid shaped objects hanging from the roof above your head while sleeping because that is said to bring a calm and sound sleep.