Special carpet cleaning techniques

Carpet cleaning tips, carpet maintenanceA thorough carpet cleaning cannot be achieved through mere spot cleaning or vacuuming and there are a number of advanced techniques required for a special cleaning of your carpet. Here is a small brief on some of the special carpet cleaning techniques.

The most advanced and popular of these is the steam cleaning method and is also known as hot-water extraction. The method uses hot water with a cleaning solution which would be applied to your carpet with sprayer. The steam cleaning strategy thoroughly washes & rinses your carpet which is further followed by a powerful vacuuming to suck-up the dirt and water.

Another special carpet cleaning technique is to sprinkle absorbent powder over the carpet space which would attract dirt into granules. Now, as you vacuum the powder it comes up with the dirt along with it. You can also spray off foam cleaner on the carpet surface which must be allowed to sink down for a certain span of time to work on stains and then you have vacuum it out with your machine.