Uses and types of enamel paints

enamel paint, paintsEnamel paints are those paints that can get hard in air to form a glossy finish and they are commonly used for coating outdoor surfaces. However, it is important that you remember that they are not the same as the decorated objects like “painted enamels”. There are different types of enamel paints. Floor enamel is for coating stairs, concrete, patios, porches and basements.

Fast dry enamel can be used perfectly for counters, refrigerators as they dry up within only 15 minutes of application. High temp enamel can be used for brakes, engines and exhausts. They are also used in coating BBQs. They are used on wood materials and thus, they make the wood more resistant with the help of its waterproofing properties. Model building enamel paints are found generally in 14 ml tins and they can be easily found in the hobby shops. Some of the well known brands of model building enamel paints are Humbrol and Xtracolor.