What are venetian blinds

venetian blinds, blindsVenetian wooden blinds are becoming more and more popular day by day. If you are thinking of buying window blinds, then purchasing a venetian blind would be the best option.

The venetian blinds are nothing but horizontal strips made of natural wood that are hung up on the window frame of your home. You can open these blinds completely to let the air and the sunlight enter your room. However if you want complete privacy, then also you can close these blinds completely. You don’t need much of an extra effort to operate these blinds as they are very light in weight.

These blinds add an extra class to the interiors of your room. But you must keep few things in mind while purchasing wooden venetian blinds. The venetian blinds should go well with the interiors of your room. You should clean these blinds properly and regularly, it is advisable that no soapy solution is used to clean the blinds as the solution can be harmful to the woods.

Should you go for venetian blinds?

 Venetian Blinds, blinds for home decorVenetian blinds have been around for several years and it’s still popular in many homes these days. The good point about these blinds is that you can use these in contemporary home environments too and they don’t look out of place at all. Roller and vertical blinds have also become quiet popular but there is something very unique about venetian blinds which makes us keep using them.

You can select various colors and types of venetian blinds. There are some factors you should consider when you get venetian blinds for your home. The fitting should be perfect. You obviously would not want to have to cut of parts of your blinds to make them fit the framework. Clean them regularly as dust might settle down between the blinds. Moisture and dust might combine and stain them permanently if you don’t take care of it. You can also go for faux wood if you want your blinds to be more durable. High moisture prone areas may damage wood blinds faster.