Effective Tips To Clean Glass And Mirrors

cleaning glass and mirrors

Tips for cleaning glass and mirrors

When you have anything in your home with glass or mirror, they are more likely to get dirty and collect dust and dirt. You go through various processes and you must have tried various things to make your glass look neat and clean, but your glass never looks so much clean, neat and tidy. This is probably because of all strikes and lint’s seen on your glass. You must also have tried elbow grease for cleaning glass and mirrors but these ideas would also have gone in vain. When you are cleaning glass and mirrors, you must be cleaning it with wrong tools and hence you must not be getting the desired result. The best way if cleaning glass and mirrors or any glass furniture or glass doors, shower stall or let’s say glass window with a microfiber cloth. This is by far the best way you can use for cleaning glass and mirrors and making it sparkling bright. You can also use chamois and squeegee and avoid using paper towel for cleaning glass and mirror as it will leave behind the streaks which will be easily visible. To your surprise even the crumbled newspaper is also a great alternative for cleaning glass and mirrors instead of using paper towel. Don’t worry about the print ink or even the glass absorbing the ink as it is not going to happen. Also avoid rubbing the newspaper on the window frames. Here are some of the steps which will be helpful for cleaning glass and mirrors.

  • Collect all the cleaning supplies like white vinegar, water, large bowl, spray bottle, microfiber cloth, cotton swab and soft toothbrush. All these stuff will be needed in cleaning glass and mirrors.
  • If you are trying to clean glass window, lay some of the towels on the window sills. This is basically very much important when you are cleaning up your window having wooden windowsills.
  • Make a proper cleaning solution by mixing up one part of white vinegar with four parts of water.
  • Spray this solution on the cleaning cloth or try to just dip the cleaning tool in such solution and try to wring out the excessive fluid. If the size of the glass is very much large or if you are using newspaper for cleaning up then it would be ideal to spray the cleaning solution on the glass only.
  • Rub the surface of the glass in a circular motion for getting rid of all the spots. After that wipe up the vertical strokes which should be then followed up by the horizontal swipes for masking the3 glass surface very much clean and shiny.
  • For cleaning the edges and corners, you can use the soft toothbrush or cotton swabs.
  • After that finish up by giving a quick buff by using newspaper or even an old cotton or old t-shirt for wiping the glass and making it spotless clean.

Living Room Accessories You Must Have

living room accessories you must have

Must have living room accessories

when you are thinking to decorate your entire home, you will be having a set budget. redecorating entirte home is really very much costly and when you are doing it on a tough budgetary situation, it really becomes very much difficult If you are having a budget wherein you can fit only one room and you must choose your living room as it represents your entire home. While decorating your living you must think of adding some living room accessories as it beautifies your home and make it look really beautiful. living room accessories will add different level of charm and elegance to your living. If your living room is very simple and decent then you must add bright and cheerful living room accessories which will give life to it. Living room accessories can be costly but you can afford to have them as it representing your entire house.

  • Having Nice coffee table

Yes of course coffee table is not the most important element in your living room but it is very important living room accessory. Coffee table is such living room accessories which bring all other piece of furniture together and thus it is very important. A coffee table will make your living room feel just complete. Coffee table will help you to serve various other purposes like putting magazines or those bills which are to be paid and many such things and thus it is one of the must have living room accessories.

  • Bold drapes

Curtains and drapes are among such living room accessories which will give character to your living area. It is among such living room accessories which is able to add bold patterns and colors that too in a elegant and decent manner. If you are choosing a simple window dressing then it will be vanished in the background. Bold curtains and drapes are also very much important from the privacy view point.

  • Candles

Even if you are not having any romantic plan in the evening, still candle can be a good choice  for your living room accessory. Candles are one of the best ways to make your living room look more cozy, inviting and imitating. You can also keep candles anywhere say for example on your coffee table or on the side of your table. Candles will give a very different charm to your living room.

  • Decorative cushions

Cushions are one of the most attractive and along with that also must have living room accessories. Cushions should always give funky look and should be bubbly and full of cheerful colours. If you are having whole of your living room too much sober and decent then putting cushions of funky and vibrant colours is the best alternative for you to spice your living area. having a comfortable sofa, there will be a  great need of comfortable and decorative cushions for laying back and relaxing and also watching TV in your living area.

Amazing Ideas To Decorate Your Small Balcony

Decorating a small balconyA balcony is generally the most avoided area in your whole house. It is understood that with all the hustle and bustle of your routine life and plenty of other forms of entertainment available for distraction that will have time to invest or take care of a place in your home which anyone hardly uses. But if you think out of the box, then your balcony can be one of the most exciting places in your whole house. You just need to make some efforts to decorate your small balcony. Decorating your small balcony is not that difficult as you think. Once you start with decorating your small balcony, you will eventually start liking it and you can even fall in love with your small balcony. If you don’t have any outdoor soul or you don’t even have an open lawn view or rooftop then decorating your small balcony is only the piece of outdoor space availed in your home. You can easily decorate your small balcony and make that space beautiful with right ideas and tips. Here are some of the amazing ideas to decorate your small balcony.

  • Add what you love

Adding what you love is by far the best way of decorating your small balcony, making a fun task. For example if you like to be in company of nature then, you can add flowering plants while decorating your small balcony. If you are a painter then you can paint your small balcony and add your personal touch to it. If you like lighting then you can also consider adding lights while decorating your small balcony.

  • Keep it simple

You need to be careful while decorating your small balcony. As it is a small space, overdoing it can look really ugly. Hence try and keep it more simple and elegant. While decorating your small balcony, you must keep in mind how to maximize your overall space. Don’t fill up your balcony with heavy potteries and gigantic furniture as it will block up your space. The best way to decorate your small balcony is to have a single chair and a matching table. You can easily get various ideas and options for this furniture in any of the local store nearby. Choose the size and color with care as you are decorating your small balcony where these things matters a lot.

  • Add a swing

This is one my favorite tip for decorating your small balcony. A swing is a great idea if you have kids as they will entertain them a lot. But this idea is not limited if you have kids. You can also have a nice time in your balcony with a cute swing. Just imagine yourself sitting on a swing in your balcony on a rainy day with a book in your hand and coffee. Yes of course it is really a great experience. You can also add colorful cushions with vibrant colors and also add vintage and classy look to your balcony while decorating your balcony.

How To Ventilate Your Home

Ventilating your homeHaving proper ventilation in house is a very important thing. Ventilating your home is must especially for comfort and health of your family. Ventilating your home is also very important to get rid of moisture, cooking odors, indoor pollutants and smoke. Ventilating your home also controls the level of heat in the attic. Ventilating your home also helps in moderating dampness in the basement and crawlspace. Not only has this, ventilating your home also kept moisture away if your walls are not insulated. Here are some tips for ventilating your home.

  • Interior ventilation

While ventilating your home, first of all you must figure out those areas in your home which are source of moisture. Usually bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchen are such areas which accumulate the most amount of moisture. For ventilating your home in an appropriate manner, you must have three key exhaust units in your home. You can use exhaust fan for ventilating the key areas of moisture in your home, one exhaust fan should be installed in kitchen, one in bathroom and one in laundry room. Many of the kitchens have range hood for ventilation but it actually don’t work as a ventilation device, it just does the work of filtering and recycling the stove top air. Ventilating your home don’t only deals with interior ventilation, if your kitchen contains steamy and smoky air and the walls are filled with grease then it will need exterior vents for appropriate ventilation. Once ventilating your home and then, leaving it without looking back for years is not right thing to do. Sometimes there is airborne grease in the home and this makes exhaust fans sticky. Sticky exhaust fans usually attract dust and dirt. Thus it is very important to check the fan once in a while and clean the fan blades and grill at least twice in a year.

  • Structural ventilation

It’s very essential to keep moisture and heat away that it doesn’t rot or roast your home. Some key areas after kitchen and bathroom is basement and attic space. These areas capture moisture very quickly. When you want to ventilate attic space, you need to create upward flow of air. Where as in case of basement, cross ventilation is the solution to stay away from moisture issues. You must have enough vents in these areas. Having enough vents is not sufficient you must also have a check as to these vents are not blocked due to crud, insufficient ventilation or dead squirrels.

  • Roof ventilation

You must check that your attic is not too hot in the summer, if it is so then there is a need of installing extra vents at the ridge of the roof and at the eaves. You can call a professional for inspection and installation. After installation also it’s important to have a check, if there are any badly damaged vents then it must be replaced. If possible paint your vents and that too in light colors so that it reflects the heat.


Tips to Maintain Wood Siding

Wood SidingWood siding is not an new concept. Many people uses wooden siding but they are not aware about the maintenance tips about wooden siding. Usage of home siding has reduced upto a great extent after the invention of aluminum and vinyl siding for your home. The benefit included in using wood siding is its natural beautiful look. It enhances the beauty of your house. Its insulation factor is also one of the imporatnt factor for using wood siding. Its ecofriendly and advantageous to the environment. Along with benefits, it also carries drawbacks. Wood is biodegradable, means if you lack in its maintenance then it results in loosing our woods. Thus if you dont want to loose your wood follow the below mentioned wood maintenance siding tips.

1) Cut or trim back the bushes or trees from touching the wood siding

If the wood siding stays in constant touch with the wet leaves or branches, then there is possibility of your home siding getting rot. and this is not good for your wood siding Thus thing you need to do is trim away the bushes and trees. you can cut them off to remove the contact of it with your siding. By doing so your wood siding will last for long time without rotting.

2) Clean up your gutter on a regular base

Your siding can be damaged, if water and ice damp up on the roof. so you should clean your gutters on a regular base. You should try to clean your gutter atleast twice a year. Once you should clean when all the leaves have fallen and before starting of the winter. And once you should clean up in the spring.

3) Clean off dirt and mildew from the siding

Siding also gets damaged with the collected mildew. cleaning off the dirt just by applying the brush with the soapy water on the wood is enough. if the siding is more dirty, then it is advisable to use a powder washer but take care that it should be used on low settings so that the wood dont tend to damage. For cleaning off the mildew, you can use a mixture of 3 parts of water and 1 part of bleach or you can also say white vinegar. It will be a good option to remove the mildew spots. If the cleaning area also has plants arounnd, then cover up the plants so as to protect the plants from the damage that tend to occur due to the cleaning solution.

4) Re-caulk around doors and windows as needed to keep water out

If you find any space between siding and structural elements, then it is an invitation to the water to get in. So during the process of cleaning check areas around the doors and windows and pack up the spaces or any of the visible gaps with a quality caulk materials.

5) Replace the damaged siding instantly

Heavy damage is caused due to cold winters and extreme rains. Siding are trapped into moisture. This damaged siding makes the entry of animals and pests become easy. There should be instant replacement in siding, if you see any of the cracks, breaks or rotten parts. This work is best performed by any of the proffesional as removing the damaged portion itself may cause to damage the undamaged portion to get damaged. Thus it is advisable to make the work done by a professional.