Spa inspired bedroom

Spa inspired bedroomYour bedroom is the first thing you will think about after a long day of gruelling work. Your bedroom is your sanctuary, your safe haven. What could be better than transforming your bedroom into a peaceful and relaxing spa bedroom? That is one of the best ways to relax after long and exhausting days. In a perfect world, your bedroom would be a retreat from the stress and nitty gritty of everyday living.

There are certain things you need to think about while designing your spa bedroom to make it the ultimate place for relaxation.

• Colours

You must have noticed the soothing palette of colours used by spas. When designing your own bedroom spa, try choosing nice and soothing colours as well. Try to stick to colours like sky blue, buttery yellow or mint green. Earth tones would make the best choice for your bedroom spa.

• Soft Lighting

You should try to avoid using bright or harsh lighting. You should have adequate light to do your work like reading, using the laptop, writing, etc. You could always keep table lights by your bedside. One of the best things you could do is attach a dimmer to your overhead lights.

• Good Quality Fabrics

To increase the level of comfort in your room, go for luxurious fabrics that make you feel like you’re actually in a spa. Get sheets that have at least a 300 thread count. Embroidered bedspreads will add to the effect. Hang sheers on your windows so it allows natural light in. It’ll make your room seem airy and bright

• Other elements

Besides the visual elements, you should also focus on engaging the other senses of your body. You can use scented candles like that of lavender or sandalwood. You can also play soft, slow and soothing music.

A spa bedroom with these elements can provide utmost comfort and relaxation.

Bathroom remodeling ideas

Bathroom remodelingYour bathroom is certainly one of the most vital; aspects of your home and hence needs to attended with care. The veteran interior decorators often suggest a bath remodel to ensure a healthy and refreshing feel inside. After all, it’s the bathroom where you take the first morning shower and retire to relax for a warm bath after a hard day’s work- hence it’s important that you get an inviting ambience inside which is ensured by an improved look. Here are some smart bathroom remodeling ideas.

First of all, you can start with the walls. If you are not in a mood to shell out more this time, just a fresh coat of paint do the trick for you. Go for a light yellow or mint green or blue shade. You can also stick vinyl wallpaper on the bathroom wall. Wallpapers are any day costly than paints but these will assure a long-lasting option.

Then, you can focus on the floor. Tiled floors are great when you are looking for a cost-effective bathroom remodeling. The tiles are durable and come in several color or pattern choices to pick from. The tiles give out a neat and clean look inside. If you aren’t restricted by the budget, you can go for cultured stones like cultured onyx or cultured granite or cultured marble. The very stone presence in your bathroom assures a plush feel inside.

Then, you can work with bathroom cupboards and vanity. If you do not want to change the tiles or the wall paint, just renew your cupboard and sink top. A granite countertop would be an excellent addition and so is the marble one.

Little improvements or alterations too can get a nice makeover for your bathroom, if you don’t to change the entire ambience. Thus, many interior decorators suggest to focus on the bathroom amenities rather than changing the wall and floor. Go for trendy faucets, a new bathtub and change your shower curtain.

Stair Lifts

Stair LiftsHave you ever wondered whether installing a stair lift is worth it? Well you can bet your money on it that it is. Stair lifts are one of the best options for moving from one floor of the house to another. Below are some benefits that stair lifts provide you with.

Total safety: All the models that are built of stair lifts, be it inclined or vertical, are done giving utmost importance to not just your safety but also to the safety of the people living with you. You will get a number of safety gadgets and security features like emergency stops, non skid floor panels, track sensors, backup battery systems among others.

Built especially for you: If you wish to, your stair lifts can be custom made for you. These can be designed keeping all your needs and requirements in mind. This is why all control keys and switches can be found easily by you since they are placed at a convenient height. You can select the colour as per your choice. If you are young at heart, go creative and add jazzy colours to your stair lift. You can also chose the seat material according to your choice. The makers will provide you with a number of options.

No waiting: There are some houses that build an in house elevator, yet they might not always be the best option in case of a large family. You might have to keep waiting for your chance since many people might need to board the home elevator. It is an unavoidable situation if there are guests at home, or very young kids of the family. But your stair lift will belong exclusively to you. You will never need to wait for your turn.

These were few among the many benefits of stair lifts. Install these, and get back your independence in the house and your lost confidence in life.

New roof to enhance your home curb appeal

home curb appeal

Increasing the curb appeal of your home not only gives you the satisfaction of not only knowing that you have a beautiful home, but it can also possibly raise the value of your home. When you decide to sell your home, the first thing potential buyers will see is the exterior of your house. If the lawn and gardens are well maintained, your paint is bright and well kept, and your roof and siding are in good condition, the chances of selling your home faster are higher. According to HRS Roofing, the three best roofing materials are:

Tile: Slate, clay and concrete are the three materials which are very popularly known as tiles. Formerly these tiles were used in old and contemporary houses only, but nowadays in new construction it is also used to add style and class to the overall look of the house. Tile construction often looks like shingles.

Residential asphalt: Asphalt can come in both fiberglass and paper shingles. Asphalt singles are coated with ceramic granules making the material both weatherproof and long lasting if installed properly. The shingles are available in a variety of colors, giving homeowners different choices to pick the most attractive option for their home.

Metal: Metal is one material that can never go out of style. Metal can be made to look like ceramic, clay or other materials to give it a stylish finish. Metal roofing is also comparatively more durable than other materials. The cost of metal is similar to the cost of other materials, which makes it an affordable option for many homeowners.

Choosing any of the above roofing materials will ensure to improve the curb appeal of your house.

Tips to clean your home chimney

clean your home chimneyHere are some tips you can follow to clean your chimney. Begin by checking the part where wood fire. You should Cleans well, look with a flashlight or some object that allows you to enlighten, the interior of the chimney pipe. Remove with a knife or some sharp object any residual soot or anything that could even cause fire once you light the fire. Verify that no bird has made a nest, nor any other animal are using your fireplace as housing. You can do this up to the roof and checking that there is no settlement.

If you found something, you can simply delete it. If you need a good cleaning on the inside, it’s time to take action. You’ll have to get a special brush that pass through the interior of the chimney pipe and enough sticks or pipe to mount. Look how tall and have the tool list, long enough for you to clean the entire surface smooth. It is very important that the brush is the width of a chimney pipe. Otherwise, all the walls of the same will not be thoroughly cleaned. And you are clean is the first attempt to get in action.

Now discourses about some safety procedure. Now touch you leave the house in order as possible. Clear the area of objects that cannot get dirty, tattered clothes used to have, cover your head, your eyes and your face. Obviously wait for it to come a time of dirt, but dirt needed for the fireplace then pull the best. Also cover your furniture or objects that do not want to get dirty: the soot is fatal. A cleanse is said that Begins from above or from below as best you stay with chimney cleaning. You should use brush engine with the length that can cover the entire stretch that goes from the beginning to the end. Carefully remove all the soot and then check with a flashlight that have not been vestiges of danger.

Making Your Home Secure For Small Babies

baby security at homeOnce you assume the role of a parent, your responsibilities towards your family especially your baby increases. When you have your small baby or toddler living with you there are certain necessary modifications that you have to do in your home to make it secure for your baby or toddler. The house should be organized in such a way that the safety of your child is guaranteed. A normal house generally consists of a lot of hazards. Therefore it is essential to adopt some baby-proof measures in your home to make it a safe haven for your newborn or toddler.

Firstly ensure that the baby is able to access only limited areas of your home. Babies should not be allowed to move about freely in areas such as terrace, garage, gym, study room, laundry room, loft, storage room and so on. Doors giving access to all these areas must be secured with appropriate locks. All the main power outlets situated in different parts of your home should be covered and exposed wires must be hidden properly. Electrical appliances after use should be packed and stored in a safe place so that babies cannot get hold of them.

If you have stairs inside your home then use barriers so that babies or toddlers do not get access to the stairs and do not fall down. Windows should have proper railings and should be locked in case the child wants to enjoy the view outside your home. Medicines, chemicals, drugs, pesticides, insecticides etc should be kept under lock and key so that toddlers or babies cannot get their hands on them. Accompany your baby or toddler inside the bathroom and also the kitchen as these rooms are little dangerous for your toddler or baby.

Hope these measures help you create a safe baby-proof environment in your home.

Tips to pick up a reliable roofing contractor

roofing contractorAre you in quest of a credible roofing contractor? Well, roofing or roof remodeling is an expensive affair and thus it’s important that you be careful with your contractor selection. It’s not a problem to locate a roofing company but it takes into several considerations while picking a good one. The article here is a short brief on how to pick up a reliable roofing contractor.

Check for license, reputation and experience

Your chosen contractor should be a licensed professional. It’s best to start your search with a thorough market survey between 4-5 potential roofing contractors that will further help in having a comparative study about them. Check out the client reviews and the BBB rating of the contractors. The one you would be going for should own a high A or A+ BBB rating and must be supported by a great list of satisfied clientele. Experience is another needed criterion. The experts always suggest taking to seasoned roofing contractor as long years of professional experience imply an in-depth roofing knowledge.

Safe Working

Make sure that your chosen roofing contractor is always armed with a good safety plan which further confirms that the roofing project would be completed as per the OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) guidelines.

Thorough discussion

The roofing contractor you are going for should be attentive to client’s needs. Your chosen one should sit with you for a thorough discussion where you can freely state your choice of color & products. The contractor should also assist you with the pertinent permits.

Warranty & insurance

Always remember that a reliable roofing contractor supports the clients with minimum 1 year of warranty assurance. Apart from warranty, make sure your selected roofing contractor is backed by adequate insurance coverage. A reliable roofing contractor won’t hesitate to show up with his insurance certificates.

Storage ideas for your kids’ toys

Storage, kids roomYes, we have almost all had that phase when our toys used to be kept in a large wooden box, bigger than ourselves, at that age where we used to keep our toys. But it was common to find something broken or damaged as we used pile in all our toys in there and broken or not it surely is a space saving way to save all those plastic balls, Barbies, GI Joes and cars.

If you have kids and you want to store your kids’ toys in a space saving place but in a more organized manner, then here are some great ideas. You can use a part of your child’s closet for storing some toys. The toys, which your kid plays with regularly, can be kept in a smaller box outside. This could be a plastic or small wooden chest, which doesn’t cramp up all the toys. Use the closet’s upper bunk to store away toys or books and paints, which are seldom used.

Basic home protection tips

home protection, home careKeeping and maintaining a home can be a tough job. With time, your home also ages with you. That’s why you need to know the right things to take care of and keep in mind so that you can keep your home safe, protected and as good as new for a longer period of time. Do you want to steer clear of high utility bills?

Make sure you insulate your home well. Make sure that you use lamination and glazed windows. This can help you protect your home from heat or extreme cold. Make sure you keep your appliances clean, clean your gutters and damp corners should be kept fresh and as dry as possible. This keeps a house safe. You can use a de-humidifier to strengthen your home and keep things intact for a longer time. Keep these tips in mind and learn some common DIY repair works around the house to keep your home in good shape.

Decorate your room in the most effective way

Home decor ideas, home decorEvery home owner dream of decorating his room is the most attractive and unique way. There are many ways in which you can decorate your room uniquely. The decoration of your room should be in compliance with the shape and size of it. You can take the help of some interior designer for the purpose. Or else you can do it on your own also, but you need to do extensive research prior to it.

Don’t go for too much or clumsy decoration for the room. Many people have the wrong notion that the more you use decoration items, the more your house will look attractive. First of all fix a theme for the decoration of your room. It can be authentic Indian or oriental style or it can be French style.

Do a proper research on the theme your have selected since each theme has its own unique characteristic and you must follow it to make your decoration attractive.
You can get the required props and items for the decoration is any leading home décor shop or you can even search over the internet for the items.