Tips to Maintain Wood Siding

Wood SidingWood siding is not an new concept. Many people uses wooden siding but they are not aware about the maintenance tips about wooden siding. Usage of home siding has reduced upto a great extent after the invention of aluminum and vinyl siding for your home. The benefit included in using wood siding is its natural beautiful look. It enhances the beauty of your house. Its insulation factor is also one of the imporatnt factor for using wood siding. Its ecofriendly and advantageous to the environment. Along with benefits, it also carries drawbacks. Wood is biodegradable, means if you lack in its maintenance then it results in loosing our woods. Thus if you dont want to loose your wood follow the below mentioned wood maintenance siding tips.

1) Cut or trim back the bushes or trees from touching the wood siding

If the wood siding stays in constant touch with the wet leaves or branches, then there is possibility of your home siding getting rot. and this is not good for your wood siding Thus thing you need to do is trim away the bushes and trees. you can cut them off to remove the contact of it with your siding. By doing so your wood siding will last for long time without rotting.

2) Clean up your gutter on a regular base

Your siding can be damaged, if water and ice damp up on the roof. so you should clean your gutters on a regular base. You should try to clean your gutter atleast twice a year. Once you should clean when all the leaves have fallen and before starting of the winter. And once you should clean up in the spring.

3) Clean off dirt and mildew from the siding

Siding also gets damaged with the collected mildew. cleaning off the dirt just by applying the brush with the soapy water on the wood is enough. if the siding is more dirty, then it is advisable to use a powder washer but take care that it should be used on low settings so that the wood dont tend to damage. For cleaning off the mildew, you can use a mixture of 3 parts of water and 1 part of bleach or you can also say white vinegar. It will be a good option to remove the mildew spots. If the cleaning area also has plants arounnd, then cover up the plants so as to protect the plants from the damage that tend to occur due to the cleaning solution.

4) Re-caulk around doors and windows as needed to keep water out

If you find any space between siding and structural elements, then it is an invitation to the water to get in. So during the process of cleaning check areas around the doors and windows and pack up the spaces or any of the visible gaps with a quality caulk materials.

5) Replace the damaged siding instantly

Heavy damage is caused due to cold winters and extreme rains. Siding are trapped into moisture. This damaged siding makes the entry of animals and pests become easy. There should be instant replacement in siding, if you see any of the cracks, breaks or rotten parts. This work is best performed by any of the proffesional as removing the damaged portion itself may cause to damage the undamaged portion to get damaged. Thus it is advisable to make the work done by a professional.