Tips to clean your home chimney

clean your home chimneyHere are some tips you can follow to clean your chimney. Begin by checking the part where wood fire. You should Cleans well, look with a flashlight or some object that allows you to enlighten, the interior of the chimney pipe. Remove with a knife or some sharp object any residual soot or anything that could even cause fire once you light the fire. Verify that no bird has made a nest, nor any other animal are using your fireplace as housing. You can do this up to the roof and checking that there is no settlement.

If you found something, you can simply delete it. If you need a good cleaning on the inside, it’s time to take action. You’ll have to get a special brush that pass through the interior of the chimney pipe and enough sticks or pipe to mount. Look how tall and have the tool list, long enough for you to clean the entire surface smooth. It is very important that the brush is the width of a chimney pipe. Otherwise, all the walls of the same will not be thoroughly cleaned. And you are clean is the first attempt to get in action.

Now discourses about some safety procedure. Now touch you leave the house in order as possible. Clear the area of objects that cannot get dirty, tattered clothes used to have, cover your head, your eyes and your face. Obviously wait for it to come a time of dirt, but dirt needed for the fireplace then pull the best. Also cover your furniture or objects that do not want to get dirty: the soot is fatal. A cleanse is said that Begins from above or from below as best you stay with chimney cleaning. You should use brush engine with the length that can cover the entire stretch that goes from the beginning to the end. Carefully remove all the soot and then check with a flashlight that have not been vestiges of danger.