How to keep you home clutter free when living with a toddler

home improvement ideas, home careWhen living with toddlers loads need to be kept in mind since they are very inquisitive by nature and have a habit of playing and breaking everything that is near them. Therefore in order to ensure maximum safety is more than essential to keep the house clutter free. Now, it has been often seen that little kids have this nasty habit of picking things up and putting it in their mouth, if its lying around. To avoid this make sure your house has ample storage space where at least you can dump the extra items if you don’t have time to organize them.

Wall cupboards, chests with lots of drawers, big baskets are fabulous storage spaces for baby products. Now, it is pretty common not to have time if you have a little one at home and a job to cater to. In such times, keeping homes organized can sure be tricky. Nevertheless you cannot put your child’s safety at risk. Hence if you don’t have time to perfectly organize your home, these storage options can at least keep it clutter free.

Ways to accessorize your curtain

curtain accessories, home decorThe curtains form a very important part of the décor of the house. They silently add a lot to the aesthetic appeal of the house. Therefore, it is not only important to choose the right kind of curtains for your room but it is also important that you choose the right accessories for your curtain. When it comes to curtains, one of the most important accessories is the pelmet.

Therefore, you have to make sure that the pelmet is chosen carefully. The designs and textures on the pelmet should match that of the curtain. The curtain rod is also an important thing to consider. To get a natural feel, one can use a tree branch for a curtain rod and hand a green curtain through it. The rings are found in different shapes and sizes as well as colors. Therefore, you should choose nice rings for the curtains of your room.

Ways for fence maintenance and repair

fence maintenance, home improvementFences are important ways of separating one property from another to avoid any dispute. As the fences do not last for a longer period of time so proper care, regarding maintenance and repair, is required to be taken at regular intervals. The following things must be kept in mind for the same:

• Check if the strainer posts are fixed with strength or not. Fix them instantly if they are found loose
• Post staples also come out of their place after a certain period of time. Fix the loose ones as soon as they are found loose.
• Keep the tension of the barbed wire adequately. You must neither tighten it nor keep it loose.
• Keep on changing the rusted wire as soon as you find anywhere. Rusted wire may get torn any moment leaving the fence unsecured.
• Missing or broken battens must be replaced or repaired as soon as they are noticed.