Ideas for decorative ceiling

ceiling decor, home decorIf you have always wanted a decorative ceiling, then its time to go for a change and turn that boring simple ceiling into a decorative one. If you are designing your house, then opting for a decorative ceiling is the right choice straightaway.

Here are a few decorative ceiling ideas that one can go for:

• Instead of going for ceilings that end in straight corners, one can go for rounded ends. This gives the round a roundish and large feel even if your room is square or rectangle shaped.
• There are many other corner designs to choose from, depending on whether you prefer traditional or modern ones.
• If you have a thing for art then it is bet to have a painted ceiling so that whenever you lie down, you can see colors right above you. One can also continue the wall color and make the room look compact and cozy, depending on what you prefer.

Special carpet cleaning techniques

Carpet cleaning tips, carpet maintenanceA thorough carpet cleaning cannot be achieved through mere spot cleaning or vacuuming and there are a number of advanced techniques required for a special cleaning of your carpet. Here is a small brief on some of the special carpet cleaning techniques.

The most advanced and popular of these is the steam cleaning method and is also known as hot-water extraction. The method uses hot water with a cleaning solution which would be applied to your carpet with sprayer. The steam cleaning strategy thoroughly washes & rinses your carpet which is further followed by a powerful vacuuming to suck-up the dirt and water.

Another special carpet cleaning technique is to sprinkle absorbent powder over the carpet space which would attract dirt into granules. Now, as you vacuum the powder it comes up with the dirt along with it. You can also spray off foam cleaner on the carpet surface which must be allowed to sink down for a certain span of time to work on stains and then you have vacuum it out with your machine.

Spring color palette for your home

Home colors, home decorYour home is a special place and it is important that it is done up in the best possible way. One of the most important factors to consider in this regard is the color scheme of the house. Going for a spring inspired color scheme can be a very good idea as it would give you a very soothing and pleasant atmosphere.

Therefore, you have to consider the essence of spring in your décor which mostly bright and fresh. Therefore, you have to go with flowery colors like lilac, magenta, lemon yellow and azure. You may go with wall murals at place as well. The colors should be intelligently incorporated and they should be blended in a subtle manner. You can add a splash of green and red on a wall oo yellow to get a symbolic representation of a spring afternoon with new blossoms and fresh green grass. Let your creative mind wander, bring alive those touches of spring in your home.

Are Vinyl Tiles A Good Pick?

Vinyl tiles, tiles option for flooringMany contemporary homes are actually getting vinyl tiles installed. This is an excellent flooring option and they are also one of the cheapest. You can go for various color choices when it comes to vinyl tiles. Installing these tiles is also not a tough job. In fact you can do it yourself. All you have to do is get the number of tiles you need, of the right size. Then you should get the specialized industrial glue which is meant for such settings.

Vinyl tiles are also very durable. Though they are cheap, they are made of very sturdy material which helps them take the load of various kinds of furniture. They can be cleaned easily with water, or mild cleaning solutions and even vinegar and baking soda. You can mop them with water daily to make them look as good as new. You can get several patterns and designs of vinyl tiles in various colors. You can also go for faux stone or granite or even faux wood look vinyl tiles if you want.