Luxurious look with antler lightings

Home lighting, home decor ideasAre you planning to go for a renovation of your house or in particular in your room? Lighting of your house or the room is a very important factor and a lot depends on the lighting of your room. Whenever going for a remodeling of your house, keep in mind the lighting scheme properly because if the lighting doesn’t match with the decoration, then your house will not look that much beautiful. Antler lighting is a very good choice that you can go for especially if you chosen a rust theme for your room.

If the interior of your room has a soft toned décor, then this type of lighting is very effective and will also impart elegance to the beauty. Lighting inside the chandeliers, ceiling fans, sconces etc are the examples of antler lighting. There are various types of antler lighting available in the market. Adding these lights will add a unique look to your room.

DIY tips for installing ceramic tiles

Tips to install ceramic tiles, tile installationIf you have chosen ceramic tiles as your flooring option then it is one of the wisest decisions that you have taken because ceramic tiles are the only that does not need to be installed by a worker. If you see the manual carefully you will be able to do it yourself.

Firstly you will have to get the measurements of the room accurately. After that if you have a cardboard then you must place it in the area that you will start first. When you are done with this you should get a good quantity of adhesive and you will have to spread that adhesive evenly on the area where the tiles will be placed first. After you have finished this part you must wait for a minutes before placing the ceramic tiles over the adhesive in a proper way so that the patterns match. You can put a heavy weight over the area to fix the tiles properly.

Decorate your ceiling with glow in the dark stickers

ceiling decor, home decorGlow in the dark objects have always been a fascination for the younger generation. Today you can decorate your kids’ rooms with glow in the dark stickers and give them a wonderful surprise. These stickers can be bought in many shapes, sizes and types. If your kids loves the night sky you can get him or her glow in the dark stickers in shapes of spaceships, stars, half and crescent moons, planets, and even aliens and rockets. It’s really fascinating if you put these up on the ceiling.

Same can be done on the walls to create an underwater theme. There are several companies which sell glow in the dark stickers in shapes of underwater weeds, fish, divers and other underwater creatures. These, if pasted on the wall can give a blissful and amazing feeling. You can also get unique Cinderella, Mickey Mouse and even dinosaur shaped glow in the dark 3D stickers for a personalized.

An account on house refurbishment

house refurbishment, home renovationIf you want to give your home a makeover, then you might consider some home refurbishment tips for some extra creative ideas. See why you need to refurbish the house; is it a one area or several? Set a budget for the whole project and select your options on the basis of that. Talk you’re your constructor about which kind of remodeling or extension projects would suit your home. Themed rooms are a lot in demand these days especially kids’ themed rooms and bathrooms. Vintage bedrooms and retro living rooms are also quite popular.

Get all the details of the project beforehand. You can also view some pictures online and in magazines for understanding what model plan you’re following. You should also take care of the carpentry work and the electrical connections before hand and see if everything can be afford and set in place. Finally, choose the right kind of color, drapes and furniture so that they coordinate each other and each room is in-sync with the kind of mood you want the room to create.

Should you go for venetian blinds?

 Venetian Blinds, blinds for home decorVenetian blinds have been around for several years and it’s still popular in many homes these days. The good point about these blinds is that you can use these in contemporary home environments too and they don’t look out of place at all. Roller and vertical blinds have also become quiet popular but there is something very unique about venetian blinds which makes us keep using them.

You can select various colors and types of venetian blinds. There are some factors you should consider when you get venetian blinds for your home. The fitting should be perfect. You obviously would not want to have to cut of parts of your blinds to make them fit the framework. Clean them regularly as dust might settle down between the blinds. Moisture and dust might combine and stain them permanently if you don’t take care of it. You can also go for faux wood if you want your blinds to be more durable. High moisture prone areas may damage wood blinds faster.