3 tips to add a summery feel to your home

Summer home decor, home decor ideasSummer is a wonderful season to bring out the bright side of your imagination. If you want to give your home a summery feel, then need not have to change the entire décor of the house and spend a load of money. You just need to add the right kinds of accessories to make your house welcome the summer months.

If you have some old baskets at your house, tucked away in the attic or basement, it’s time to bring them out. There are many fruits which are available in the summers and you can decorate your mantelpiece or your centre table by keeping the fresh fruits in those baskets. Get some curtains which have flower patterns in warm pastel shades. Changing the curtains can bring out a lot of change in the décor. Finally, have a good welcome mat which appeals to you and the summer the most. It could be a mat made out of eco-friendly material like jute as well. Indoor hanging plants on the windows would complete the look.

How to add a spacious touch to a narrow bedroom

Tips to decorate narrow bedroom, bedrooom designIt could be a bit challenging to give a spacious décor to a bedroom that is narrow. Therefore, while dong the décor of a b\narrow bedroom, the space allocation of the room should be the focus. You can cerate illusions with colors. It is important that you have large windows in the room. This will make the room airy and spacious. Box windows that have a big window pane may be a good idea for your narrow bedroom.

One of the most common and effective ways of giving a spacious touch to a narrow room is putting two large mirrors on opposite walls. This creates infinite number of images and gives an illusion of a very large space. The guests will enter and get that feel of a large space and by the time they realize the trick, they will already be impressed by your innovation. Go for minimal furniture for a narrow room.

How to keep your floor tiles in good condition

Tips to maintain floor tiles, tile maintainanceThe most common way to decorate your home without spending massive amount of money and tension and energy is the use of tiles. Tiles bring along with it more than one benefit. The best of using tiles is that maintaining it is not troublesome. However, with power come responsibilities. Hence with easiness of using tiles comes the efficient ways of cleaning it in order to make sure that the tiles remains bright and shiny. The traditional and still considered being the best way to do so is to sweep the tile floors daily.

Even if dirt and dust get collected on the grout of the tiles without hitting the panic button just use a soft bristled broom and clean the tiles. They will again become young and appear to be new. Mats and carpets can be a defensive way of protecting the tiles. If the collection of dirt on the floor becomes vast then try scrubbing it. Never use steel products on the floor. A mild cleaner is sufficient. The need of bleach or ammonia is negligible. Mopping is also mandatory to be included in your daily floor cleaning routine. These are enough ways to keep your floor tiles in good condition.

What to consider while choosing a ceiling fan

Tips for buying ceiling fan, ceiling fanThere are a few things that are to be considered when you are choosing ceiling fan. The first thing that you have to make sure is tat the quality of the motor of the ceiling fan is good enough. The quality of the motor of the fan is the most important thing that is worth your money. Design and the appearance of the fan are important but the motor comes first as it will determine the performance of the ceiling fan.

If you are choosing fan for the outdoors, you should choose a fan that is built specifically for the outdoors. The materials used for outdoor ceiling fans would be different form the ones used for indoor ones as outdoor ceiling fans have to be more sturdy and strong in order to withstand the changing conditions of the whether. The airflow of the ceiling fan is a key factor when you are measuring the efficiency of the fans.

How to make self storage cost effective

Self-storage, home improvementThe most important thing that has to be checked while trying to make your self storage cost effective is to see the amount of space that is available and the amount you are in need of. If this is done properly, you will not pay for what is not needed and thus, the prices of storage will be low. Go to the various facilities of self storage in your area and look for the varieties they have. It would be quite convenient if the storage facility providers have a website.

After getting an idea on the different self storage facility providers, you have to figure out the sort that would suit you best. If you want to calculate it yourself, you can do it by packing the items in boxes and then doing the math yourself. It is important that all your plans are analyzed. The industry of self storage is a growing industry and so it is possible to get more options in prices.

How to inculcate the feel of Egypt in your décor

Home decor ideas, home decorIt is rarely acknowledged that Egyptian art has a great influence on the contemporary modern art. Incorporating a flavor of Egypt in your home décor can surely make your décor stand out from the rest as it is not one of the commonly used themes.

There are various ways to add a tinge of Egypt in your home décor. You can have replicas of Egyptian artifacts placed on your shelves or you can paint your room with pictures of pyramids or other Egyptian symbols. The colors used in the Egyptian symbols or hieroglyphics are said to have a calming effect on us and can add up as a wellness charm for your home as well as adding a pleasing décor to it. It is also believed that replicas of Pyramids placed throughout your home makes positive energy flow through it and makes you heal. Keep pyramid shaped objects hanging from the roof above your head while sleeping because that is said to bring a calm and sound sleep.

How to do up a study with classy feel

Tips to decorate study room, home decor tipsMost often a study room is meant for reading; carry out paperwork or say in the 21st century, computer work. It is also a place where the children complete their homework and a home based businessman works from. The finishing of a study must be in accordance with the purpose. The study provides a calm and apt atmosphere for proper execution of the purpose. The paint colour that is will be surmised must be plain and classy. It should not be the one that distracts the attention of people while working. Colours like pale yellow, sage or even crisp white are very good.

As far as flooring is concerned anything that suites the style of the entire house can be used. Carpets come in many styles and patterns and materials which can be used. In a study the minimum furniture you need is a chair, a desk, a lamp shelves, a book shelve, a computer desk. Anything more than this may make the room look cluttered. At last but not the least spend enough time to decide on the lighting. The room should allow the sunlight to enter and at night the tube light or bulbs should be of good quality to facilitate reading.

Closet design tips for the beginner

Types of Closet, Closet designsIf you are aspiring to be a closet designer or if you are simply planning to decorate and design your closet yourself, then here are a few tips for you as a beginner. Many people complain that handling and managing their closet in an organized fashion is a tough job. So what you can do is choose a design which suits your need the most.

If you are ready to invest in a considerable amount of money and if you have some space along your wall, then you can install a walk-in closet. Here one can hang up their clothes on hangers along the extended rod and steer clear of problems like crumpling or mangling of clothes. You can also keep your bags and shoes underneath in an arranged and organized manner. It is best to avoid reach under in closets as they tend to become very clumsy in a short time. Also keeping things to your eye level is a god idea.

Give your kid’s room a harry potter inspired décor

Ideas for kid's room decoration, kid's roomHarry Potter is one the most popular and loved characters among children in modern days. Some would even argue that this fantastic work of J.K Rowling has brought back the habit of reading books back in children. Children all over the world have loved the magical world created by this legend of a writer.

Therefore, if you want to do something unique with the room that belongs to your kids, you should go for the Harry Potter themed décor. There is a lot of Harry Potter merchandise found in the market and so you should not have a problem finding the props that are required for this décor. You could go with the color scheme of maroon and yellow which is the color theme of Gryffindor. There are a lot of stickers that are available in the market that glows in the dark. You will also find lots of such stickers with Harry Potter themes.

Mesh pool fence for your home

Mesh pool fence, pool fenceA lot of accidents occur and they are related to pools. Therefore, it is very important that you keep a proper enclosure in order to prevent such unfortunate events. The mesh pool fences are very effective for this purpose. They are made from materials that do not allow climbing and therefore it will not be easy to enter.

These fences can be removed and so when you do not feel like putting a restriction in the area you can easily get the fence removed. This can be very useful when you are having a party. The fence can be rolled down and kept aside when not in use and easily be set up again when in need. There is only one problem with them that is they are not free of tension. When the weather is cold, the material can get tight and can loosen up during summer. Therefore, mesh pool fences can be a very nice option.